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WPCA directors has approved Google Fiber for the Willow Pointe community.  Regardless of individual owners’ participation, the units will have to be accessed to complete the installation for all the neighboring residence units.  The Google Fiber Team will be conducting a pre-installation observation on the premises and a schedule will be formulated that will require all unit owner participation to complete the task.  This will be an enhancement for owners for resale value regardless of participation in the service after installation.  Once the schedule is determined all owners will be notified.  More information will be provided regarding the installation progress and schedule.





Friendly reminder to please keep your doors locked. Take your valuables out of your vehicles and lock your cars.

Current HOA Dues


Unit Description                         Fee

Efficiency                                    $113

1 Bedroom                                  $162

2 Bedroom                                  $228


The HOA Board meets the third Tuesday of every month. We encourage owners to attend.

Per the city of Huntsville, there is no smoking allowed within the units, on balconies, or in breezeways. 

Smoking must be at least 10ft from the building. 

Homeowners: We ask that you please send us an email and update your contact information.

Fireplaces can NOT be used until further notice.


Please do not flush feminine products down the toilets.

Furniture is not to be thrown in the dumpsters or left in the area. You must dispose of the items yourself.

WPCA has asked that all residents fill out our Questionnaire. We appreciate everyone who completes this form. 


You can mail the form to WPCA c/o Facility Manager, 6630 Willow Pointe Dr., Huntsville, AL, 35806 or Email the completed form. 

We hope you have found the WPCA website helpful as it is an area to visit to find all of the Boards Minutes, past and current Newsletters, Current Events and News, along with Key Card and Parking Decal Forms, and any additional Information


We hope that this will enhance community involvement and provide a user-friendly tool for our neighbors. Feel free to Contact Us


Follow us on Twitter to get instant information, notices of maintenance work, and reminders of any upcoming events. 


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