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 If you need assistance, contact the Facility Manager at 256-217-1888 or use the Contact Us link to send an email.  Please do not use the Facility Manager's personal cell phone numbers to contact them regarding Willow Pointe questions or issues.  Thank you!




WPCA directors has approved Google Fiber for the Willow Pointe community.  Regardless of individual owners’ participation, the units will have to be accessed to complete the installation for all the neighboring residence units.  The Google Fiber Team will be conducting a pre-installation observation on the premises and a schedule will be formulated that will require all unit owner participation to complete the task.  This will be an enhancement for owners for resale value regardless of participation in the service after installation.  Once the schedule is determined all owners will be notified.  More information will be provided regarding the installation progress and schedule.




REMINDER: Fireplaces can NOT be used until further notice. 


Friendly reminder to please keep your doors locked. Take your valuables out of your vehicles and lock your cars.

Homeowners may come and address the board at our monthly board meeting or via email. 


We have updated much of the lighting throughout the complex.  We have a few more areas we are planning to improve.

The Board of Directors voted an increase of 10% in annual assessment fees for the calendar year 2019.  Due to the increasing costs of utilities, insurance, operations, and maintenance costs of the complex, this increase is necessary.  We will continue to hold down costs as much as possible but essential and safety repairs are mandatory.


The monthly fee structure to go into effect with your January 1, 2019 payment is:


Unit Description     Current Fee     Fee starting Jan 1

Efficiency                       $103                    $113

1 Bedroom                     $149                    $162

2 Bedroom                     $208                    $228


As you may have noticed, most buildings have roof damage and the roofs will need to be replaced.  We have filed the insurance, but it’s only covering a third of the actual cost of replacement.  The Board is reviewing Shingle vs Medal options.  Insurance will pay less than a third of the bill.  We are looking at obtaining a short-term loan to give the option of small multiyear assessments versus a one-time large assessment.  Therefore the Board has voted for a series of 5 Special Assessments of the amount of $300/year for the next 5 years that will go to the payment of the roof loan.

Upcoming Maintenance 

We had a new pot hole over by the clubhouse on the main road and one in the back.  We got them repaired.  Thanks to everyone's patience as we got this job completed.

We are taking bids for painting the back half of the complex.  If you are a licensed and insured contactor, please contact the Facility Manager at 256-217-1888.







Homeowners: We ask that you please send us an email and update your contact information.

Attention: Per the city of Huntsville, there is no smoking allowed within the units, balconies, or breezewaysSmoking must be at least 10ft from the building. 

Please do NOT flush feminine  products down the toilets.

Attention: There is a hole in the fence at the dog park. We are working to get it repaired. Use at your own risk. 

Attention Homeowners: WPCA now accepts PayPal for any payments. Please click here for instructions 



a.      Keep our community looking nice.  Please do your part.  Pick up after your pet.  If you make a mess in the clubhouse, don’t leave it for the next person.  As they say, your mother does not work here.  Take your things with you when you leave the pool area.  Please do not litter.


b.      Please do not park motorcycles under the common access entryways.  It is a safety and fire hazard.  It also is not a proper use of common areas.

c.      Remember: Satellite dishes are not permitted on Common Property. 


Please review the Willow Pointe Handbook link for Policy information:



Everyone, please enjoy our new library! It is located in the clubhouse. Please donate your gently used books. If you see a book of interest, you may take it home with you to enjoy it. You can keep it if you so desire or return it for others to enjoy. Happy reading! ​


The Dog Park is a great place to relax and let your put play off the leash! Please remember to pick up after your pet.  


Willow Pointe offers unique amenities such as a newly renovated pool, Clubhouse, Gym, and Sauna. 


Enjoy those cool waters of our pool during the summer. All you need is your key card to access the pool area. If you've yet to receive one, please see Carly our Facility manager. 


For access to the Gym, Clubhouse, and Sauna please fill out the Key Card Form and turn into Carly, our Facility Manager or Email the completed form. 


Looking to rent out our Clubhouse?

You can do so by filling out our Clubhouse Rental Contract. Before filling out the contract, please read our Rules & Checklist.

Upcoming Maintenance


WPCA has asked that all residents fill out our Questionnaire. We appreciate everyone who completes this form. 


You can mail the form to WPCA c/o Facility Manager, 6630 Willow Pointe Dr., Huntsville, AL, 35806 or Email the completed form.  


Thank you for your cooperation. 


We hope you have found the WPCA website helpful as it is an area to visit to find all of the Boards Minutes, past and current Newsletters, Current Events and News, along with Key Card and Parking Decal Forms, and any additional Information


We hope that this will enhance community involvement and provide a user-friendly tool for our neighbors. Feel free to Contact Us


Follow us on Twitter to get instant information, notices of maintenance work, and reminders of any upcoming events. 


Any text in gold is a clickable link that will pull up a document, or page, to take you to the information listed.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view all documents and forms. You can download a free version here

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